Bali Will Make a Regional Company That Focusing on Digital Tourism


The Governor of Bali Wayan Koster will encourage digital tourism that will elevate regional culture through regional companies. Currently, the establishment of a regional company is running under regional regulations (Perda) discussed by Bali Legislative Office (DPRD) and the local government.

According to him, the progress of digital technology provides new opportunities. In fact, more and more businesses use digital technology.

“Bali as a tourism area, the utilization of digital technology is very massive from upstream to downstream,” he said during the discussion of the draft regulation in the main courtroom of the Bali DPRD building on Monday (15/11).

Bali, he continued, will lose the potential for regional income if it does not regulate and manage digital tourism.

“Therefore, we need to have regional companies that regulate and manage specifically about the existence of digital tourism,” he added.

According to Koster, now many develop digital tourism services. Whereas in Bali, the economy of digital tourism is not yet optimal.

In fact, he continued, digital tourism could contribute to the economic growth of Bali, including providing well-being for the community and creating new jobs and reducing poverty.

“This is what I mean so that our tourism in Bali is truly used as a real potential to provide benefits to the lives of Balinese people, direct and indirect benefits,” he explained

Source CNN