Bali Remains Friendly, But Forms Task Force to Tackle Misbehaving Tourists

Misbehaving Foreigners in Bali will Have Their Visas Revoked and Cannot Rent Motorcycles! (photo: - antara)

The provincial government of Bali has formed a special task force, or “satgas“, to deal with misbehaving foreign tourists in the region. Bali’s Deputy Governor, Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati, emphasized that ensuring comfort is crucial for Bali, and therefore, they have formed a special task force to regulate tourists who violate rules.

The task force consists of various security personnel, ranging from the police to traditional Balinese security officers called “pecalang”. The goal of the task force is to maintain the safety and comfort of the tourism sector in Bali.

As previously reported, the people of Bali were alarmed by the misconduct of some foreign tourists who rode motorcycles but did not follow the rules, clashed with other tourists, and violated regulations during their visit. Bali’s Governor, I Wayan Koster, then issued a policy banning foreign tourists from using motorcycles.

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, added that they will continue to socialize what foreign tourists are allowed and not allowed to do in Bali.

Additionally, the government will take strict action if there are any legal violations. However, they still invite foreign tourists to come to Indonesia, especially Bali, with hospitality. They target an increase in the number and quality of foreign tourists while still respecting local communities, staying longer, exploring destinations, and spending more.

As previously reported, the provincial government of Bali, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, is planning to create a travel guidebook for Bali that contains a list of do’s and don’ts for travelers.

This policy is a response to recent viral incidents of misbehaving foreign tourists in Bali, which have caused frustration among the local community.

According to Tjok Bagus Pemayun, the head of Bali’s tourism department, the travel guidebook will serve as a tool for educating visitors about responsible tourism practices in Bali.

The government is working with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to develop the guidebook, which will detail what they should and should not do upon arrival in Bali.

“We need to start educating tourists. We have coordinated with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to prepare a guidebook on what is allowed and what is not allowed for tourists upon their arrival,” said Pemayun during a press conference on March 17, 2023.

Additionally, tourism industry groups in Bali will be putting up billboards and distributing brochures in tourist areas to raise awareness of the do’s and don’ts of responsible tourism.