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Foreign Tourists Must Read! 8 New Rules to be Followed During...

The Provincial Government of Bali has recently issued a new regulation, Circular Letter Number 4 of 2023, in response to the increasing number of...

Bali Remains Friendly, But Forms Task Force to Tackle Misbehaving Tourists

The provincial government of Bali has formed a special task force, or "satgas", to deal with misbehaving foreign tourists in the region. Bali's Deputy...

What Should You Do After Getting the Vaccine?

Several complaints related to the side effects of vaccines often make us nervous. No need to worry, you can do this right after getting...

Facts about the Marburg Virus and Its Precautions

The World Health Organization warns of a potential outbreak of a Marburg virus similar to Ebola. According to WHO, Marburg virus infection or MVD...



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