Kertajati Airport Welcomes Malaysia Airlines, New International Route Boosts Passenger Load

Kertajati Airport Officially Operational, Capable of Serving 12 Million Passengers Annually
Kertajati Airport Officially Operational, Capable of Serving 12 Million Passengers Annually

In a mere two weeks since its commencement, Indonesia’s second-largest airport, Kertajati Airport, is experiencing a surge in activity, demonstrating optimistic trends with a passenger load factor ranging between 70-75%. Notably, the airport has expanded its services to include international flights, with the recent addition of flights to Malaysia.

On Monday (13/11/2023), Malaysia Airlines officially inaugurated international flights between Kertajati Airport and Kuala Lumpur, according to Nuril Huda, the Executive General Manager of Kertajati Airport. This move contributes to the increasing vibrancy of the airport, where flights arriving from Kuala Lumpur touch down at 7:50 PM, while departures from Kertajati to Kuala Lumpur are scheduled for 8:50 PM. Nuril highlighted that the majority of passengers on these routes consist of both tourists and business travelers.

With both AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines now operating on the Kertajati-Kuala Lumpur route, Nuril emphasized the appeal of West Java as a favored destination for Malaysian tourists. Additionally, he stressed that Kertajati Airport is well-prepared to welcome international travelers, boasting comprehensive facilities and services.

Concurrently, PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) or AP II has reported positive developments in the seat occupancy rate (load factor) for flights at Kertajati Airport following the relocation of flights from Husein Sastranegara Airport in Bandung on October 29, 2023.

Muhammad Awaluddin, the CEO of PT Angkasa Pura II, noted that the load factor for passenger flights at Kertajati Airport has shown consistent growth over the past 10 days. This growth encompasses not only an increase in the number of passengers but also a notable rise in the volume of cargo transportation.

Since October 29, 2023, the load factor has progressively risen from 50-60%, achieving a substantial 70-75% on November 1, 2023. A load factor hovering around 70% signifies positive operational performance for airlines. Awaluddin remarked that this upward trajectory in the load factor is indicative of heightened public interest in Kertajati Airport, with airlines effectively meeting this surge in demand.

For context, the airport, also recognized as West Java International Airport (BIJB), is situated in Majalengka Regency, West Java. Commencing construction in 2013, the airport spans an expansive area of 1,800 hectares.

Featuring a passenger terminal with an annual capacity for 5.6 million passengers, the airport has positioned itself as a crucial hub for both domestic and international flights. Furthermore, it is strategically designated as a premium airport capable of accommodating substantial cargo aircraft, exemplified by the Antonov.