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No longer New Zealand, Australian Tourists Favor Indonesia for Overseas Holidays

The allure of Indonesia's natural beauty has captivated the hearts of many Australian tourists, making it their top choice for an overseas holiday destination...

Thanks to Tourist Visits, Bali’s Revenue from Levies in Nusa Penida...

The return of tourists has indeed brought about a positive economic impact on the island of Bali. In a recent development, it has been...

Bali Remains Friendly, But Forms Task Force to Tackle Misbehaving Tourists

The provincial government of Bali has formed a special task force, or "satgas", to deal with misbehaving foreign tourists in the region. Bali's Deputy...

Tourists ‘Invade’ Bali Due to Lower PCR-Antigen Test Prices

Some time ago, the government has lowered the policy on the highest price for PCR-Antigen tests. It turns out that the policy has an...



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