Unpredictable! Tokyo Lost 11 Trillion Rupiah to Hold the Olympics during the Pandemic

Tokyo Olympics 2020

International events should bring in foreign exchange for the host country. Unfortunately, the pandemic has brought losses. This condition has been faced by Tokyo, which has to lose 11 trillion to hold the Olympics, which was postponed last year.

The world multi-sports event can only hold this year while still carrying the name ‘Tokyo Olympics 2020’ for marketing and branding reasons. 

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 will hold from July 23 to August 8, 2021. But unfortunately, the match took place without spectators to prevent Covid-19’s spread.

According to previous information, Tokyo lost revenue from the Olympics amounts to 700 million euros, equivalent to IDR 11.9 trillion. Things got even worse when sponsors have withdrawn, and spectators from all over the world had prohibited from visiting Japan.

Since four years ago, Tokyo had been aggressively promoting the Olympics in 2020. They already prepared from classy hotels’ construction, adding transportation facilities, also promoting the Olympics globally. However, it is unfortunate that Tokyo’s thorough preparation as the host of the Olympics in 2020 has yielded bitter results due to an unexpected pandemic. Hopefully, this pandemic will pass soon.