WCCE Successfully Formulates Bali Creative Economy Roadmap

WCCE Successfully Formulates Bali Creative Economy Roadmap

The G20 Indonesia side event, the World Conference on Creative Economy (WCCE) 2022, succeeded in formulating a creative economy roadmap for global economic recovery called the “Bali Creative Economy Roadmap” or “Bali Roadmap“.

The Bali Roadmap is the result of a discussion process that has been circulated to member countries, international organizations, and interested creative economy parties since June 2022.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno during the WCCE press conference in Badung Regency, Bali, Thursday (6/10) said, “The Bali Roadmap is a document agreed upon by the WCCE delegates as a road map for economic revival, where the economic sector is creative which is the backbone of the global economic revival.”

He has also ratified the Bali Roadmap and then adopted it at a ministerial level meeting which will become a legacy for Indonesia in the field of the creative economy in the international world.

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy explained that the Bali Road Map contains several points, namely how to mainstream the creative economy in the world economy, including the transformation from informal business actors to formal businesses.

Then there are points related to access to financing that pave the way for creative and creative actors to get wider access to financing.

Furthermore, there are marketing points related to the efforts of creative and creative actors to be able to adapt to using digital technology on the marketing side.

“And the most important point in the creative economy sector is intellectual property (IP) where intellectual property protection can be used to advance and become access to financing for creative economic actors,” he said.

Sandiaga Uno hopes that the Bali Roadmap will become a document that is adopted and contributes to policies regarding the creative economy around the world.

“We also see interventions from countries around the world from America, Europe, Africa, Asia, to the Middle East who have given appreciation to Indonesia’s leadership at the WCCE event. We hope this will be an encouragement to rise again following the spirit of G20 Recover Together Recover Stronger,” he said.