6 Discussions between Russia and Indonesia


The meeting between the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, and the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, on Thursday (30/6) discussed several important matters. Jokowi conveyed a message of peace, humanity, and also business opportunities to Putin.

There are 6 main messages brought by Jokowi, representing Indonesia, for Russia. The 6 messages are messages of peace, space for dialogue, food and fertilizer, UN support, bilateral cooperation, and the interests of Indonesia.

The first message is that Jokowi’s arrival to Russia is to bring a message of peace. Jokowi said he brought peace and humanitarian issues to the meeting. He said this was a priority.

“The Indonesian constitution mandates that Indonesia always try to contribute to the creation of world peace. In this context, I made visits to Kyiv and Moscow,” he stressed in his speech published by the Cabinet Secretariat, quoted on Friday.

Second Message, Jokowi said that it is important to continue to prioritize a peaceful settlement. Including the dialogue, spaces can continue to be opened.

“I have conveyed President Zelenskyy’s message to President Putin, and I conveyed my readiness to serve as a bridge of communication between the two leaders,” he said.

The third message is about food and fertilizer. Jokowi also conveyed to Putin how food and fertilizer are humanitarian issues. This is in the interest of the world community where hundreds of millions of people are affected by the disruption of food and fertilizer supply chains, especially in developing countries.

“I really appreciate President Putin who said earlier that he provided security guarantees for food and fertilizer supplies both from Russia and from Ukraine. This is good news,” he stressed.

The fourth message is about UN support. Jokowi also stated that he supports the United Nations’ efforts for the reintegration of Russian food and fertilizer commodities. Including Ukrainian food commodities to re-enter the world supply chain.

“And specifically for the export route for Ukrainian food products, especially through the sea route, President Putin once again gave his guarantee,” he said.

The fifth message is about economic and business cooperation between Indonesia and Russia. On the same occasion, Jokowi also emphasized that he had long discussions about cooperation between Russia and Indonesia. Both in the investment sector, the trade sector, and the tourism sector.

“What we will follow up is forming a team so we can discuss it in detail,” said Jokowi.

As previously reported, Putin is interested in the nuclear industry cooperation with Indonesia. Later, the nuclear industry program will be built in the area of ​​the New Capital of Indonesia.

The last message was, that Jokowi emphasized to Putin that Indonesia has no interest, except to see that the war can be ended soon and the supply chain of food, fertilizer, and energy can be repaired immediately. Because this involves the lives of hundreds of millions of people, even billions of people.

“I invite all world leaders to work together to revive the spirit of multilateralism, the spirit of peace, and the spirit of cooperation. Only with that spirit can peace be achieved,” he explained again.