ANOC World Beach Games Bali 2023 Officially Canceled! Why?

ANOC World Beach Games 2023 to proceed as planned in Bali

The ANOC World Beach Games 2023, originally planned to take place in Bali, has been reported to be canceled, according to an announcement made by the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC).

This unexpected development came as the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) withdrew its commitment to host the event, leaving ANOC in a challenging position to find a replacement host with just one month remaining before the scheduled games.

In addition to the cancellation of the World Beach Games, the ANOC General Assembly that was set to be held in Bali has also been called off.

However, ANOC, headquartered in Switzerland, has assured that they will determine new dates and a suitable venue for the event, aiming to fulfill their commitment to providing a platform for beach sports competition.

ANOC expressed disappointment and frustration with KOI’s decision, as it prevented the participation of 100 athletes from 100 National Olympic Committees, dashing their aspirations to compete in the highly anticipated World Beach Games. ANOC emphasized that they had been in regular coordination meetings with KOI, including the most recent one the previous week, during which KOI had not indicated any issues that could lead to the sudden cancellation.

The reasons cited by KOI for their withdrawal from hosting responsibilities were related to the non-disbursement of funds by the Indonesian government and the insufficient time available to organize the Games. ANOC acknowledged these challenges but expressed disappointment that the issues could not be resolved in a manner that would have allowed the event to proceed as planned.

ANOC extended their apologies to the athletes, fans, international federations, and National Olympic Committees affected by the cancellation. They acknowledged the dedication and efforts invested by the participants in preparing for the World Beach Games and assured that they are actively working on a compensation scheme to address the impact of the cancellation.

As ANOC now shifts its focus towards finding an alternative host and organizing future iterations of the World Beach Games, they remain committed to providing a world-class platform for beach sports and fostering international camaraderie through athletic competition.

The decision by KOI to withdraw as host highlights the challenges and complexities involved in hosting large-scale sporting events, underscoring the importance of careful planning, financial support, and effective communication between stakeholders to ensure the success of such endeavors.