Balinese Government Sets Sights on Eradicating Extreme Poverty by 2024

Bali's Hindu Community Commemorates Galungan with Fervent Devotion (photo: Unsplash - Wisnu Widjojo)

Bali is committed to achieving a remarkable feat – reducing extreme poverty to zero percent by the year 2024. To pursue this ambitious target, Acting Governor of Bali, Sang Made Mahendra Jaya, is set to establish a dedicated acceleration team.

This acceleration team has been assembled in light of Bali’s exceptional standing as the province with the lowest poverty rate, standing at just 4.25 percent, and an extreme poverty rate of merely 0.54 percent.

In an official statement quoted from detikBali on Wednesday (13/9/2023), Mahendra expressed his fervent plea for existing government assistance to be channeled primarily towards those who are genuinely in dire need, specifically those who fall within the category of extreme poverty. The exact composition and nature of this proposed team, however, were not detailed by Mahendra.

Moreover, Mahendra urged the relevant Regional Government Organizations (OPDs) to employ transparent data derived from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) to meticulously identify individuals who are grappling with impoverishment and thus qualify for essential social assistance.

His concern lies in ensuring that the allocation of social assistance is impeccably targeted to those who truly require it, thereby ensuring that resources are not misdirected.

Mahendra underscored the paramount importance of transparency throughout this process and articulated his vision of efficacious support to alleviate extreme poverty by the year 2024.

He emphasized that the responsibility of accomplishing this mission rests heavily upon the shoulders of the government, both at the provincial and local levels. In his own words, “the people are our responsibility, an extension of the central government.”

According to data procured from Bappeda in 2022 regarding extreme poverty, two regencies in Bali have exhibited extreme poverty rates exceeding one percent – Gianyar Regency with a rate of 1.65 percent and Karangasem Regency with a rate of 1.80 percent.

I Wayan Wiasthana Ika Putra, Head of Bappeda Province of Bali, confirmed this data to detikBali on Wednesday (13/9/2023). He elucidated that Bappeda plays a pivotal role in orchestrating and coordinating programs with budgetary support, with the operative entities being the OPDs and the regents themselves.

Ika elucidated that Acting Governor Mahendra has recommended the inclusion of these programs within the 2024 Regional Budget (APBD). It is envisaged that these programs will be subject to discussion and deliberation with the regents and mayors towards the conclusion of September.

In light of these developments, Ika has expressed his fervent hope that the Regional Governments will act expeditiously in the field to assess and relay the authentic and current status of individuals who are categorized as experiencing extreme poverty. This concerted effort represents a pivotal milestone on Bali’s path to achieving its goal of eradicating extreme poverty from its midst.