BMKG Issues a Warning About the Potential Giant Tsunami in Southern Java Due to Megathrust

giant tsunami
BMKG Issues a Warning About the Potential Giant Tsunami in Southern Java Due to Megathrust (photo: Ray Harrington - Unsplash)

Dwikorita Karnawati, the Chief of the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), has once again brought attention to the potential threats of earthquakes and tsunamis in the coastal regions of Indonesia. Additionally, it is foreseen that there is a looming danger of colossal ocean waves striking multiple areas in Java due to seismic activity triggered by a megathrust.

One of the areas anticipated to bear the brunt of this is Kebumen Regency in Central Java.

“Kebumen Regency is identified as one of the potential earthquake and tsunami zones in Indonesia due to its direct proximity to the southern Javanese megathrust zone, which harbors the potential for a maximum magnitude of M 8.7,” she stated on Monday (2/10/2023).

Dwikorita clarified, “The source of this megathrust earthquake resides within the subduction zone, characterized by the collision between the Indo-Australian Plate and the Eurasian Plate beneath the southern Indian Ocean, just off the coast of Kebumen.”

She went on to reveal that the computer modeling of tsunami wave propagation stemming from such a scenario yields projections of waves reaching heights of 14-18 meters in Kebumen Regency. These waves are estimated to reach the coastal areas within approximately 38-46 minutes.

Furthermore, Dwikorita augmented her statements by noting that the earthquake-induced shaking resulting from this event is projected to fall within the VII-VIII MMI range. This corresponds to strong to very strong shaking, capable of causing moderate to severe structural damage.

In addition to these observations, local governments along the southern coastline of Java have been strongly advised to continually enhance their preparedness for the potential occurrence of earthquakes and tsunamis. This preparedness encompasses aspects such as the provision, expansion, and improvement of evacuation routes, all in a proactive measure against the worst-case scenarios.

Meanwhile, the BMKG is vigorously striving to enhance the accuracy of earthquake predictions, aiming for a remarkable 90% accuracy rate. This ambitious undertaking was announced through an official statement on the BMKG’s website in relation to the implementation of the 2023 Earthquake and Tsunami Field School (SLG) conducted in various locations, including Kebumen Regency in Central Java.