Bali’s Economy in 2022 Will Grow above 6 Percent According to BI


The Bali Province Bank Indonesia Representative Office (KPwBI) is optimistic that the Bali economy will shoot above 6 percent in 2022.

This is because the economic and tourism sectors are starting to grow back to normal. the increase in private consumption also affects the current economic growth of Bali.

Nusa Penida, Klungkung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

Head of the Bali Province KPwBI Trisno Nugroho in Denpasar on Friday (14/1/2022) said, “Bali’s economic recovery will continue in 2022 with an estimated economic growth of 5.4-6.2 percent”.

He added, since December 2021, Bali’s economic sector has slowly returned to normal along with the improvement in the PPKM rate which affects the improvement of community mobility.

The tourism sector indicators in the fourth quarter of 2021 also showed an increase in the number of domestic tourists.

Reflecting on these data, the prospect of projecting the economic growth of Bali Province in the fourth quarter of 2021 to reach 2.1-2.9 percent and throughout 2021 by -2.2 to -1.4 percent.

In addition, the government has lifted the ban on 14 countries entering Indonesia.. This is expected to attract local and foreign tourists to vacation in Bali. If tourists are getting busier, then the economy will return to normal, it can even go up.

Bali is widely known abroad for its natural beauty and extraordinary beaches, but lately, Bali’s economy has been fallen sharply due to the absence of visitors and tourists. This is because of Covid-19 outbreak that has hit Indonesia since 2020.