The Most Expensive Land Areas in Jakarta, Reaching Up to IDR 200 Million per Square M!

SCBD Jakarta. One of The Most Expensive Land Areas in Jakarta

In Jakarta, the bustling heart of Indonesia’s business and finance, land is not just space—it’s a commodity coveted by property investors. With the city’s rapid economic growth and ever-expanding space needs, the demand for land areas in Jakarta continues to soar, driving up prices in select areas. Curious about where the priciest plots are located?

The landscape of land areas prices in Jakarta is diverse, ranging from affordable to exorbitant. Even in North Jakarta, there are still plots available for around Rp 2 million. On the other end of the spectrum, areas known for their opulence command staggering prices, with some reaching up to Rp 200 million per square meter.

According to real estate experts at Ray White, here are four of Jakarta’s most expensive land areas, listed from relatively affordable to astronomical:

1. Pondok Indah

Price Range: Rp 40-100 million per square meter.

Nestled in the districts of Kebayoran Lama and Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta, Pondok Indah is strategically positioned amidst office hubs, entertainment centers, and medical facilities. The allure of this area translates into land prices ranging from Rp 40-100 million per square meter, particularly in proximity to its renowned golf courses.

2. Kebayoran Baru

Price Range: Rp 50-100 million per square meter.

Kebayoran Baru, situated in South Jakarta, boasts a similar appeal, with its array of entertainment venues, malls, parks, and social hangouts. With offices and hospitals also in the vicinity, land prices here typically range from Rp 50-100 million per square meter.

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3. Menteng

Price Range: Rp 50-125 million per square meter.

Located in Central Jakarta, Menteng exudes an aura of exclusivity, with land prices averaging between Rp 50-125 million per square meter. The prestigious Jalan Tasikmalaya commands the highest rates, averaging around Rp 125 million, while Jalan Minangkabau offers relatively more affordable plots at around Rp 51 million per square meter.

4. Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD)

Price Range: Rp 60-200 million per square meter.

Nestled within the Senayan area, SCBD, often dubbed the golden triangle, remains a pinnacle of business sophistication. Boasting comprehensive business facilities and proximity to entertainment and sports hubs, land prices in SCBD range from Rp 60-200 million per square meter, reflecting its elite status.

These areas represent the crème de la crème of real estate in DKI Jakarta, predominantly concentrated in South and Central Jakarta. The sky-high land prices not only underscore the city’s soaring property values but also signal ongoing economic growth and urban evolution.

For investors and property enthusiasts alike, understanding the dynamics of land prices in these areas is paramount to making informed investment decisions and tapping into Jakarta’s thriving real estate market.