Power Supply Crisis: Batam and Riau Islands Struggle with Critical Electricity Conditions


The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) has reported a critical situation regarding the power supply in the Batam and Riau Islands regions of Indonesia. The Director General of Electricity at the Ministry of ESDM, Jisman Hutajulu, has emphasized the need to enhance the reliability of electricity in Batam due to the growing concerns about its power supply.

In a candid statement, Jisman revealed that the electricity conditions in Batam have led residents to resort to using personal generators to ensure electricity is available in their homes.

He expressed his concerns regarding this situation during the Dissemination of the RUPTL PT PLN Batam event, where he mentioned a recent shortage of 55 Megawatts that significantly reduced the reserve margin.

As a result, PLN Batam requested customers with generators, supported by PLN Batam’s fuel assistance, to activate their generators. Jisman highlighted the unhealthy nature of this arrangement, stating, “It’s not a healthy situation.”

The electricity crisis in Batam has also had adverse effects on businesses, with companies experiencing a meager margin of only 3%. Jisman openly acknowledged this issue, stating that the current business conditions in Batam are unhealthy. This alarming situation calls for immediate action to address the power supply shortage in the region.

Recognizing the significance of Batam as a prominent Indonesian gateway to neighboring countries, particularly Singapore, the government is actively seeking a solution to increase the power supply. One proposed solution is the interconnection transmission that will connect it to the Sumatra region, ensuring a more reliable and sufficient electricity supply.

Jisman stressed the importance of the Batam-Sumatra interconnection transmission, emphasizing that it is specifically designated as the country’s face to foreign nations.

He highlighted the increasing urgency of addressing the energy situation, stating, “Especially when the energy situation is getting this heated up recently.”

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is committed to finding effective and sustainable solutions to overcome the power supply challenges in Batam.

The government’s efforts aim to ensure a stable and reliable electricity supply in the region, catering to the needs of residents and supporting the growth of businesses in there and its role as a crucial gateway for international relations.