Bogor’s Property Business Potential Is Huge Due to the LRT Development


The Light Rail Transit (LRT) line development in Bogor and surrounding areas has contributed to the rapid development of the property, especially for the luxury building segment.

Executive Director of Indonesia Property Watch (IPW) Ali Tranghada in the Bisnis Indonesia Forum Group Discussion last week explained that the Cimanggis area has tremendous growth potential because it fills the gap in regional development between Bogor and Jakarta.

“There is a gap between regional development in the center of Bogor and Jakarta, namely in the Cimanggis area which actually has great potential. This is what Agung Podomoro is using because the new big developer is Agung Podomoro there,” Ali explained, quoted Tuesday (5/7/2022).

Regional development in Bogor, explained by Ali, has actually begun to be carried out by several large developers in the last few years.

However, the development area is relatively far from Jakarta, such as in the center of Bogor, or Sentul. This situation occurs because the infrastructure in Bogor is limited.

The main transportation access, namely the Jagorawi Toll Road which tends to be used by the upper-middle class, is considered to be one of the obstacles to regional development.

Meanwhile, now, with the development of Light Rail Transit (LRT) to Cimanggis, it is increasingly expanding access to all levels of society. So that regional growth opportunities are also more wide open. This is the reason Ali said that the Cimanggis area is a sunrise area.

“The LRT point in Cimanggis has a lot of potential, the development of Podomoro Golf View covering an area of ​​60 hectares coupled with the TOD, the previously empty area will definitely grow rapidly, property prices will also rise because overseas TOD usually increases property prices by 10-15 percent. ,” he continued.

Podomoro Golf View is located on an area of ​​60 hectares in a cool green area and is an integrated area consisting of vertical residences and landed houses.

The area is also equipped with several main facilities for commercial centers, and education ranging from kindergarten to university levels, to the current religious destination, namely the At-Thohir Mosque.

Furthermore, the Head of Property and Economic Zones of Apindo, Sanny Iskandar, on the same occasion also added that this potential was also driven by the direction of growth in residential areas after the relocation of the country’s capital from Jakarta.

The southern area of ​​Jakarta, explained by Sanny, will be the focus of development because in the east and west of Jakarta the potential for development is relatively limited.

“In West Jakarta, the Serpong Tangerang area has already become a residential center and has begun to develop into a trading area. Meanwhile, in East Jakarta, the Bekasi City area is also already crowded, furthermore, Cikarang has become an industrial area. Now in the South, it is suitable for residential development, tourism, “explained Sanny.

However, Sanny emphasized that the growth potential also needs to be supported by regulations and appropriate regional development plans from the local government.

Because the development of sunrise areas such as Cimanggis has the potential to become the backbone of the regional economy, given the large positive impact. On the other hand, if this potential is not managed properly, it can become a regional economic burden.