BPBD Gives Early Warning Regarding Tidal Flood in Coastal Jakarta

Tidal Flood or Banjir Rob

Rob flood, or what is known as Tidal Flood, has the potential to hit the coastal areas of DKI Jakarta. Therefore, the DKI Jakarta Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) issued a stern warning to coastal communities. This tidal flood is predicted to occur from August 7 to 13, 2022.

Citing the official BPBD DKI Jakarta Instagram account, Monday (8/8/2022), the potential for flooding will occur when the earth enters the full moon phase which coincides with Perigee or the closest distance of the moon to the earth.

“It has the potential to cause an increase in the maximum tidal height,” wrote the DKI Jakarta BPBD.

Based on initial estimates, tidal flooding will occur at 18.00 – 23.00 WIB in the areas of Pademangan, Sunda Kelapa Harbor, Thousand Islands, Penjaringan, and Marunda. BPBD DKI reminded these areas to be vigilant.

“It is advised to be alert to the increase in the maximum sea level height which has the potential to cause coastal flooding,” wrote BPBD DKI.

The public is asked to monitor the latest information about sea waves on the page: bpbd.jakarta.go.id/gelombanglaut. If you find an emergency that requires help, immediately contact the Jakarta Siaga 112 Call Center.

The public is advised to always be alert and alert to anticipate the impact of the maximum tide of seawater and pay attention to warnings and maritime weather information from the BMKG through the call center, BMKG official website, and BMKG social media.

Meanwhile, in other areas, the northern coast of Central Java is on its way to sinking because it was hit by the ocean.

The extreme Rob that has occurred in recent times with an intensity that often strengthens the signal, is a sign that the land will sink in the coastal area, the worst occurring on the North Coast of Java.

In addition to climate change and global warming, tidal flooding is also affected by the rate of land subsidence in coastal areas, increasing the risk of tidal flooding in sloping coastal areas.

Tidal flood events also occurred on the northern coast of West Java. This flood is no less powerful, and its intensity is also getting more frequent. Subang and Bekasi areas are areas that often experience tidal flooding

As of May 20, 2022, flooding occurred at Pondok Bali Beach, precisely in Mayangan Village, Legonkulon, Subang Regency. At that time the water entered the residential area. Then, there was also a tidal flood in the Karangsong area, Indramayu, on Monday (20/6/2022). The flood also submerged roads and dozens of houses on the coast.

The impact of the tidal flood in the Pantura of West Java has now been felt by the community in real terms. In Muara Gembong, several villages have been lost, as well as in the Mayangan area where hundreds of hectares of land have been submerged. The impact was extraordinary, there were several villages in Muara Gembong that became the sea.

Some of the triggering factors for flooding in the Pantura West Java region do not only occur because of abrasion that eats up the land. The factor of land subsidence is also a part of the occurrence of this tidal flood.

“I project that in 10 years the Pantura of West Java will be more problematic, 10 years from now the tidal flood will be like now in Pekalongan, even beating Jakarta. It will lose to West Java,” said Head of the Geodetic Laboratory, Faculty of Earth Science and Technology, ITB, Heri Andreas.