Cinemas in Jakarta Will Open in the Near, Tickets are Purchased by Online

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DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan announced that cinemas in Jakarta will open in the near future. Anies is currently drafting regulations related to technicalities and rules for doing activities in cinemas.

“First, we will prepare a complete regulation, and the regulation includes all the elements previously conveyed by Prof. Wiku. First, about the qualifications of who can watch at the biscop, secondly the matter of ordering tickets, which must be done online, and there is no ticket purchase at the biscop. location, “said Anies in a broadcast broadcast live on YouTube BNPB, Wednesday (26/8/2020).

“Then also about masks, air filtration, then regular cleaning, then also seating arrangements in the cinema, and the obligation to adhere to the 3M principle for employees and the process of getting to and out of the location,” continued Anies.

Anies said his part had coordinated with industry players. They said Anies was also prepared to implement health protocols if the biscops were reopened.

“So one regulation, the second is the arrangement with which industry players are concerned. The discussion has been taking place and the actors are also in a position to be prepared because during this time, especially since June after DKI entered the transition period, the actors in this sector have been in close communication. to discuss the preparations, “he said.

For that, Anies said the cinema would open in the near future. The opening of the bishop will be closely monitored going forward. However, he has not yet conveyed the exact date for the opening of cinemas in DKI Jakarta. “So the conclusion of the meeting is that in the near future, cinema activities in Jakarta will be reopened and health protocols will be enforced through detailed regulations, strict supervision so that industry players provide services without giving a big risk. And for the public also when doing activities. they will be able to feel safe, “said Anies