Covid-19 DKI Jakarta Jumped to 22,568 Active Cases

Covid-19 News in DKI Jakarta

The Covid-19 case continues to surge! As of November 21 here, the DKI Jakarta Health Office reported that there are 22,568 active COVID-19 cases in DKI Jakarta.

This figure comes from the sum of independent isolation cases (21,345) and treatment in hospitals (1,223).

“If the daily was positive Monday, only 1,789 cases, the positivity rate was 22 percent,” said the Head of the DKI Jakarta Epidemiology and Immunization Surveillance Section (Dinkes), Ngabila Salama, Tuesday (11/22/2022).

Ngaba said that the average daily case increased by 2,000 to 3,000 cases per day. The total number of patients who have been confirmed Covid-19 in the Capital City to date reached 1,495,720.

Meanwhile, patients who have recovered from Covid-19 reached 1,457,416. The DKI Jakarta Health Office also reported that the victim who died from Covid-19 reached 15,736 as of November 21 yesterday.

Previously, the Head of DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office Widyastuti also had an appeal to the public to be vigilant amid the rise in the Covid-19 case in the Capital City.

According to her, Pandemic Covid has not been completed even though the implementation of Limitation of Community Activities (PPKM) has reached level 1.

“The point is we remain vigilant, we continue to maintain the health protocol,” Widyastuti told reporters on Thursday (11/17/2022).

Widyastuti also mentioned the increase in the Covid-19 case due to several factors. Including the existence of new variants of XBB and BQ.1 which causes COVID-19 to increase.

To prevent this soar, Widyastuti continued, there needs to be an acceleration of vaccination services. According to him, the first and second vaccination is already high, but the booster still needs to be improved.

“So through the media, we ordered, please continue to be informed of the campaign of booster vaccinations for Jakarta residents,” he said.