Wow, Cruise Ship Bus Stop “Anchored” in Jakarta!

Transjakarta Tosari Stop that Resembling a Cruise Ship (MPI/ALDI CHANDRA SETIAWAN)

The Tosari bus stop revitalization, which is located on MH Thamrin Street, Central Jakarta, is almost complete. The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta redesigned the bus stop to look like an anchored cruise ship.

The view is quite beautiful with a view of the HI Roundabout. The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta proudly exhibits it through the official Instagram page.

The Tosari bus stop, which previously consisted of only 1 floor, has now been revitalized into 2 floors. There is currently a pavilion on the 2nd floor that leads to the Welcome Statue at the Hotel Indonesia (HI) Roundabout.

From the top of the pavilion on the 2nd floor of it, the public can enjoy a view of the Welcome Statue at the HI Roundabout. The Transjakarta HI Roundabout also has the same form, which is now also being revitalized.

The HI Roundabout Transjakarta bus stop was previously inaugurated by DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan on Saturday (15/10/2022). The inauguration on H-1 at the end of Anies’ term of office was carried out even though the bus stop building had not been fully completed.

On the other hand, the revitalization of the Tosari bus stop and the HI roundabout has drawn polemics. The construction of the two bus stops was protested by historian JJ Rizal.

According to him, the construction needs to be stopped because the Tosari-Bundaran HI bus stop disrupts the visual appearance of the Selamat Datang Statue, which has the status of an object suspected of being a cultural heritage (ODCB).

Responding to this polemic, the DPRD DKI Jakarta plans to form a special committee (pansus) for the construction of the Jakarta Transportation (Transjakarta) Roundabout Hotel Indonesia (HI) bus stop. DKI Jakarta DPRD Chairman Prasetyo Edi Marsudi said the special committee was formed because the view towards the Selamat Datang Monument should not be obstructed by anything.

When asked whether it would be demolished, Presetyo admitted that he would first summon Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta Heru Budi Hartono and DKI Jakarta Regional Secretary (Sekda), Marullah Matali.

Not only that, but the DKI Jakarta DPRD will also summon the Restoration Session Team (TSP) and the Cultural Heritage Expert Team (TACB).

“We’ll all be summoned,” he said firmly.

However, until now DPRD DKI has not realized the plan to form the Special Committee.