Entering the Rainy Season, Here Are 4 Tips for Preparing Extreme Weather

rain, rainy season

Currently, most areas in Indonesia have entered the rainy season. Although greeted with joy, the change of season can be accompanied by extreme weather which often harms humans, even becomes a disaster.

We all cannot control natural phenomena, including rejecting extreme weather. However, we all can make preparations for extreme weather to stay safe and healthy. Here are things you should do to prepare for extreme weather.

1. Make sure there are no problems with gutters and drainage

Before entering into extreme weather, carefully check the gutters and drains where you live. It may be that the sewers and drainage work adequately on a normal day or during the normal rainy season, but it turns out that there is a blockage that risks causing flooding when it is inundated in large numbers.

So, make sure you have checked and fixed it before extreme weather actually occurs. Also, make sure to keep it clean that it can work effectively and efficiently.

2. Check the house and make repairs to the parts needed

When you get into extreme weather, your house should be the safest place. Therefore, you have to make sure that the condition of your house is indeed in good condition. Inspect structures around the house for weak spots, clear debris from gutters, inspect roofs, cut trees and dead branches, and ensure adequate water drainage.

This is very important and will significantly reduce the risk of loss. Strengthening buildings is also important if you live in a flood prone area.

3. Avoiding lightning strikes when it rains heavily

Heavy rain is often accompanied by thunder. A power surge from a lightning strike poses the risk of endangering various electrically connected devices. So, it’s best to unplug all electronic equipment from the socket when it is raining heavily.

Also, stay away from windows and doors as they can be blown off during heavy rain and strong winds.

4. Make sure you have an emergency box

Prepare an emergency box that contains essential items to deal with power cuts or when you have to evacuate. It will be difficult to find items when the power is out or if you have to leave the house in a hurry. This emergency box must be made of a material that is sturdy and waterproof.

This emergency box can contain personal medicines, important documents, and even valuables. Nevertheless, make sure you save it in an easily accessible location.

By doing the preparations above, it is hoped that you can be better prepared to face extreme weather by staying healthy and in a safe condition. Apart from doing the steps above, don’t forget to pay attention to the weather forecast in the area where you live to increase awareness.