Epidemiologist Predicts 4.7 Million DKI Jakarta Covid Cases Undetected

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The survey results from the Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia (FKM UI) stated that more than 90 percent of Covid-19 cases in DKI Jakarta were undetected. Epidemiologist and member of the survey team, Pandu Riono, said that of the approximately 10.6 million residents of DKI, only 8.1 percent or 380 thousand cases of Covid-19 were detected and entered the government’s system or calculation as of the end of March. So the system that we detect is only about 8.1 percent. So that is not detected more or less, round off 90 percent. So 90 percent of infected people were not detected by the system, on Saturday 10/7. The estimated 90 percent number that was not detected, he explained, was based on the results of a survey he conducted for two weeks until March 31, on 4,919 respondents aged 1 year and over using the sample certified multistage sampling design method.
Respondents are spread throughout the administrative area of ​​DKI Jakarta, in five cities and six Pandu districts, they estimate that the cumulative cases of Covid-19 in DKI that have not been detected will reach 4.7 million people or 44.5 percent of the total population of DKI Jakarta. , as many as 177,461 people were tested by PCR. With this number, the total number of PCR tests in DKI Jakarta has now reached 435,904 per million population.