Explore Cooperation with African Countries, Indonesia to Supply Electricity to South Africa

Explore Cooperation with African Countries, Indonesia to Supply Electricity to South Africa

Minister of Maritime Affairs and Investment of the Republic of Indonesia, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, embarked on a significant working visit to several African countries, accompanied by Pertamina and PLN, the state-owned enterprises. This diplomatic mission aimed to strengthen bilateral ties, explore economic opportunities, and foster collaboration in various sectors.

Among the highlights of the visit were discussions on potential partnerships in the energy sector, particularly in the supply of electricity to South Africa using gas from Mozambique.

Luhut emphasized the importance of building relationships between Indonesian state-owned enterprises and African entrepreneurs, focusing on areas such as mineral mining for electric vehicles, B2B trade, energy security, and addressing climate change.

During the visit to African countries, Minister Luhut expressed the commitment of the Indonesian government to global solidarity, aiming to establish robust economic cooperation and mutual economic growth, ultimately improving the welfare of both nations.

He highlighted the significance of sharing experiences in promoting downstream mineral industries, which can stimulate economic growth and create a multiplier effect domestically. Luhut also underlined the government’s vision to develop a competitive ecosystem for the electric vehicle industry.

One of the key aspects of the visit was the meeting with President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa, as part of the preparations for President Joko Widodo’s attendance at the upcoming BRICS Summit. The summit presents an opportunity to establish agreements related to the import of cattle and soybeans, which are vital commodities for Indonesia.

Luhut acknowledged the need to address the increasing prices of beef and the country’s demand for soybeans, ensuring sufficient supply to meet the nation’s requirements.

In this regard, Luhut mentioned the exploration of potential collaborations, such as importing 50,000 head of cattle and 300,000 tons of soybeans from South Africa.

These efforts are in line with the government’s commitment to fulfill the domestic demand for these commodities and mitigate any potential shortages. Luhut stressed the importance of strategic planning and efficient resource allocation to ensure the sustainability and stability of these vital sectors.

The visit to Africa showcased Indonesia’s strong determination to foster international cooperation and explore economic opportunities that benefit both nations.

Luhut’s engagement with African counterparts and business communities reflects the government’s dedication to expanding bilateral relations, enhancing economic growth, and establishing mutually beneficial partnerships. The visit serves as a stepping stone towards strengthening ties with African nations and furthering Indonesia’s position as a global player in trade, investment, and sustainable development.