In 2023, There Will Be No More Down Payment Houses with Zero Rupiah

Rental Flats or Rusunawa

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government ensures that there will be no more down payment of zero rupiahs for house purchases in the 2023 regional expenditure budget.

This was conveyed by the Head of the DKI Jakarta Public Housing and Settlement Area (PRKP) Office, Sarjoko.

“The indicative budget ceiling of IDR 1.2 trillion is not for the construction of zero down payment housing, sir,” said Sarjoko on Tuesday (1/11/2022).

His party proposed an indicative budget ceiling of IDR 1.2 trillion for structuring slum areas and constructing simple rental flats (rusunawa), including structuring the Ciliwung River area and rusunawa on Jalan Margasatwa.

“We plan to build a multi-year 2023-2024 scheme with three towers or approximately 675 units with budget requirements,” he said.

Chairman of the PDIP faction of the DKI DPRD Gembong Warsono asked the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to focus on building Rusunawa rather than zero Rupiah down payment houses. This was conveyed at the Budget Board Meeting (Banggar) of the DKI DPRD regarding the 2023 APBD KUA-PPAS draft at Grand Cempaka Resort, Bogor, West Java, Tuesday (1/11/2022).

“The explanation from Bappeda [Regional Development Planning Agency] that the budget allocation for housing of around Rp. 1.2 trillion is for DP Zero or rental flats. I told the Housing Office that DKI should focus on rental flats,” said Gembong.

He suggested it so that the DKI APBD could be lowered to help the community. Gembong then said that the Zero Rupiah DP house program was a hoax.

Meanwhile, used house prices in the DKI Jakarta area continue to show an upward trend even though the property market is said to be slowing down due to the increase in mortgage interest rates after Bank Indonesia raised the benchmark interest rate to 4.25 percent.

Strategic location is the main factor determining the increase in used house prices. The more strategic the location, the more expensive the value of the building will be. Country Manager Maria Herawati Manik said that some of the second-hand houses that are mostly sold are usually located in elite areas, such as Pondok Indah, Menteng, and Kelapa Gading.

Based on the September edition of the Flash Report, the monthly increase in used house prices rose slightly in the Jakarta area, which rose 0.5 percent, Tangerang rose by 0.3 percent, Depok rose 0.1 percent, and Bogor rose 2.4 percent.

Maria explained, although the increase has continued in the past few months, the interest in used houses in the Jakarta area is still quite well maintained with a balanced ratio from the supply side.