Operational Patterns Changes Cause Passengers Overcrowding at Manggarai Station


PT KAI Commuter has changed the operation pattern of the Commuter Line KRL, especially for the Bogor and Bekasi/Cikarang lines. The new policy was first implemented on working days starting today, Monday (30/5/2022). However, it causes passengers overcrowding at Manggarai Station.

It was observed that today, Monday (30/5/2022), there was a long line because passengers had to transit at Manggarai Station, especially those from Bogor/Depok to Sudirman/Tanah Abang/Angke/Duri.

Changes in operating patterns, especially for the two lines, have started since Saturday (28/5/2022). With this change, passengers from Bekasi/Cikarang – Jakarta Kota and Bogor/Depok – Tanah Abang/Sudirman/Angke/Duri must first transit at Manggarai Station.

Previously, PT KAI Commuter had anticipated that there would be passenger queues in line with adaptation to changes in operating patterns.

As is known, currently passengers from Bogor who want to go to Sudirman/Tanah Abang/Angke/Duri must transit at Manggarai by going down to the 1st floor for platforms 6 and 7, because the flyover from Bogor is currently on the 3rd floor. serving only to Cikini, Gondangdia, and Jakarta Kota.

On the other hand, passengers from Bekasi/Cikarang who want to go to Cikini, Gondangdia, and Jakarta Kota, must transit at Manggarai and go up to the 3rd floor or fly over.

As a response, KAI Commuter apologizes for the inconvenience to KRL Commuter users. KAI Commuter emphasized that it will continue to evaluate changes in operating patterns and particular transit patterns at Manggarai Station as a result of this switch over or SO 5.

“Our evaluations are carried out continuously, to improve services in the future. We apologize for the inconvenience. For security and safety, please follow the instructions from the officers,” wrote the official Twitter account for KAI Commuter @CommuterLine, in response to netizen complaints.

Previously, VP Corporate Secretary Anne Purba said that the change in operating pattern as a result of SO 5 was long-term or permanent until further changes were made. Only SO 5 at Manggarai Station has changed its operating pattern.

“This is for the long term,” he said during a meeting with reporters on Friday (27/5/2022).

Anne also explained that she had anticipated an increase in the number of passengers in Manggarai, especially from Bogor to Tanah Abang/Sudirman/Duri/Angke. Before SO 5, fewer passengers transited from Bogor, while from Bekasi there were more, and now the opposite is predicted.

To anticipate this, KAI Commuter will increase the train schedule up to 20-30 trips so that the headway is reduced to about 7 minutes (previously it could be up to 15 minutes) during peak hours. This is to anticipate, one of which is the number of transit passengers in Manggarai from Bogor to Tanah Abang/Sudirman/Duri/Angke.

“So the increase or decrease in passengers that we predict is between 1-3 percent because there are actually more people transiting from Bekasi but [now] there are fewer people,” he said.