Foreign Tourists to Bali Reach 10 Thousand People Per Day

Foreign Tourist

“Bali Is Back” is approximately the term to describe the current state of Bali tourism. Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno said tourists visit to Bali recorded an average of more than 10,000 people per day.

“(Overall) 894,667 foreign tourist visits to Bali during January-August 2022,” said Sandiaga, Monday, October 10, 2022.

The number of local and foreign tourist arrivals to Bali, coupled with the number of international flights to Bali which has reached 25 flights, is allegedly able to make the target of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia in 2022 achieved.

This year, Indonesia targets foreign tourist arrivals to reach 1.8-3.6 million people. At least, according to Sandiaga, the middle threshold of 2.5 million people can be achieved despite the threat of an economic recession.

Sandiaga said the target for foreign tourists and domestic tourists would be increased in 2023. He also targets investors in the tourism and creative economy sectors to invest in various leading sectors such as hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

He hopes that an investment of US$ 6-8 billion in five Super Priority Destinations (DSP), 8 Special Economic Zones (SEZ), and three sustainable tourism destinations can be achieved.

“If the investment target is achieved, it will create 4.4 million jobs in 2024,” said Sandiaga.

According to Sandiaga, there are five main markets for Indonesian tourism, namely Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, and the UK. He believes that Indonesia can maintain the rhythm of revival and recovery momentum with the strength of tourism products based on nature and culture.

“We are targeting next year to reach 5 million visits and this year around 2.5 million from foreign tourists. However, what will really determine is our domestic tourists,” said Sandiaga.

Furthermore, not only in terms of numbers, but the quality of tourists is also in the spotlight of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, especially with the rise of foreign tourists who violate customs while on vacation in Bali.

Therefore, he said that Kemenparekraf is currently collaborating with various tour guide associations in Bali to educate and socialize these tourists.

“Of course, we have to act wisely. We work with associations, ASITA, and tour guide associations to further socialize, and educate because many of them do not know Balinese customs even though Bali is very famous,” said Sandiaga.