Having Problems When Uploading Residence Permit Documents Online? Do This!

Residence Permit

Due to the pandemic, foreigners can now use the Online Stay Permit website to process immigration documents. Although it is considered more practical, sometimes there are still some obstacles. Then if you encounter problems, what solutions should be done?

Achmad Nur Saleh, Head of the Public Relations Sub-Division of the Directorate General of Immigration, said that if an applicant has difficulty accessing the Online Stay Permit Application, or the website page shows an error statement, don’t panic immediately.

First of all, try to double-check your internet connection and the size of the document being uploaded. Make sure the connection is stable and the document size is correct. If possible, the requester can also try to access using other devices.

If the website still doesn’t respond, the requester can screen capture the page showing the error. After that, contact the relevant immigration office to convey this. After that, the applicant can consult with the officer so that he/she can extend his/her residence permit at the immigration office.

This alternative is specifically for applicants who do experience technical difficulties repeatedly when applying for an Online Stay Permit Application.

For applicants who successfully fill in data and submit documents, there is no need to go to the immigration office until the PPKM Level 4 period ends. Foreigner biometric data collection is carried out after the immigration office is fully operational again.

This online extension of residence permit also applies to foreigners who are abroad. During this pandemic, foreign guarantors who hold ITAS/ITAP can apply for an extension either online or manually. If online, later the guarantor will receive a payment notification via email after the document is verified by the officer.

As additional information, foreigners must go to the immigration office no later than 30 days from their arrival in Indonesia. This is necessary in order to make a calibration for a residence permit that has been extended by the guarantor.