In The End of 2020, Positive Covid-19 in Indonesia 743,198, Died 22,138

corona cases in Indonesia

2020 is over, but the Covid-19 pandemic still haunts Indonesia even though it’s the turn of the year. The condition has not improved because the addition of Covid-19 cases tends to increase every day.

At the close of 2020 yesterday, the Covid-19 Task Force recorded an additional 8,074 Covid-19 cases in a day, Thursday (31/12). This is the third time there have been an additional 8,000 cases, Including the record for additional cases on December 3, when there were additional positive cases of 8,369.

Additional Covid-19 cases in the last three days have indeed increased.

The details, on December 29, 7,903 cases, then December 30, 8,002 cases, and 8,074 cases on December 31.

As the result, the accumulation of positive Covid-19 cases in Indonesia totaled 743,198 on Thursday (31/12). Among them there were 611,097 cured cases and 22,138 death cases.

In addition, Indonesia also still has 109,963 active cases requiring hospital treatment or being required to be self-isolated. All of these active cases must be encouraged to recover to reduce the mortality rate.

Indonesia’s death rate is still high, even above the standard Covid-19 death rate issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), which is below 2.39 percent.

Meanwhile, the percentage of Covid-19 deaths in Indonesia is compared to the finding of a positive number of 3 percent.

However, the number of covid-19 cases is estimated to be less than the real number. This is because the testing capacity in Indonesia is still below WHO standards. In addition, the transmission rate or the positivity rate is still very high, which is around 20 percent of the WHO threshold of 5 percent.

It is feared that the long Christmas and New Year 2020 holidays will increase Covid-19 cases. Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Task Force, Wiku Adisasmito, disclosed this in his press conference.

“The increase in active cases is getting faster and faster. This is what we need to be aware of. Long holidays always trigger a large number of new cases,” Wiku said, some time ago.

In 2021 it is hoped that the pandemic will reach its end with the discovery of some vaccines, including synovacs that have been purchased by Indonesia. However, the vaccine’s efficacy has yet to come out.

A number of countries have started vaccination programs since last December with vaccines that have received emergency use permits such as Pfizer.