Indonesian and Malaysian Developers Prepare IDR 16 Trillion to Build Cheap Houses


Two developers from Indonesia and Malaysia, namely RA Land and developers from Malaysia, Manakeeb Group and Senandung Putih Sdn Bhd, one of the owners of the Beton Berkah Sadaya Group Tbk company, collaborate to build cheap houses.

The two developers cooperate in preparing an investment of IDR 16 trillion to develop low-cost housing projects for low-income people (MBR) in Indonesia.

This was confirmed by the President Commissioner of RA Land, Risti Yuni Lestari. She said the collaboration was aimed at realizing the vision to become a leading developer with a business focus on developing affordable, livable, and environmentally friendly public housing.

“With the spirit of building the country and the spirit of bonding brotherhood between the two countries, Malaysia and Indonesia, RA Land is determined to realize the dream of the first home for low-income people. At the same time supporting the one million houses program that has been launched by the President and Vice President,” She said in a press release, Tuesday (29/3/2022)

Later, the development and construction of these low-cost houses will be spread throughout Indonesia. However, one focus of development is on the island of Java.

She added, “This collaboration will play a role in developing the country by increasing the absorption of subsidized housing. In addition, RA Land also involves and empowers the millennial generation, especially the students.”

“Of course, to jointly carry out development, we will guide with partners. Furthermore, we together with partners and millennial developers will develop housing following RA Land’s signature design and technical standards. So that we can provide quality, affordable, and environmentally friendly homes,” She said.

The developer is committed to supporting the success of the work program of the Ministry of PUPR and the distribution of FLPP mortgages and the Tapera mortgage program.

“With the management of the production of housing developments it owns, RA Land believes it can contribute and bring happiness to low-income communities as a tangible manifestation for students and millennials. The happiness of low-income people to realize their dream home is our value,” she concluded.