Really good! Crab Meatballs to Salted Egg Meatballs in South Tangerang


Meatballs never fail to pamper the tongue, in South Tangerang (Tangsel) there are many meatball snack places that can be visited. Unique meatballs filled with crab to salted egg meatballs are ready to spoil the tongue.

If you intend to culinary in the Tangsel area, prepare an adequate budget and an empty stomach. Because you will be tempted to see the variety of culinary offerings. Meatball fans, get ready to drool with the choice of meatball menu in Tangsel area.

Not only legendary meatballs that taste classic but awesome, in Tangsel there are also crab meatballs, lobster meatballs, and salted egg meatballs that are contemporary. Plus the savory broth, served warm with the addition of chili sauce makes these meatballs avoid stopping chewing.

Want to eat meatballs in Tangsel? The following are recommendations for delicious meatballs in the Tangsel area.

  1. Ratno Beef Meatballs


If you visit Sinpasa Gading Serpong Modern Market, don’t miss a bowl of Ratno meatballs. Even though it is located in a market area and the place to eat is simple, this meatball shop is never empty of buyers. I was so busy, sometimes at 14.00 noon the meatballs were sold out.

The meatballs offered here are quite diverse, ranging from smooth meatballs, vein meatballs, egg meatballs and tofu meatballs. The bakso variant is fairly classic, but the taste and texture make people addicted. The meatballs here have a crunchy and chewy texture, the broth is savory with the added fragrance of fried garlic. The meatballs are more complete with the addition of yellow noodles, rice noodles and bean sprouts. Don’t forget to add the chili sauce and sweet soy sauce.

Ratno Beef Meatballs

Sentra Gading Serpong, Sinpasa Modern Market

Jl. Klp. Ivory Cell. No.129, Kelapa Dua

South Tangerang

Phone: 081387232536

2. Madam Dewin’s Semox Meatballs

This meatball has a tantalizing variant of the contemporary meatball. One of the mainstay menus is the thick meatballs which he calls semox. So if you want to eat modern lobster meatballs, you can also enjoy it here. Fresh lobsters of various sizes can satisfy any taste buds.

Oh yes, the meatball that is no less unique is the crab meatball. Crab with thick shell wrapped in chewy and savory meatball dough, served warm with a delicious savory broth. If you’re lucky, you can eat meatballs served by the owner who has a beautiful face.

Madam Dewin’s Semox Meatballs

Jl Griya Loka Raya, Ruko Versailles Blok FB,

Jl. Comp. Bsd No.2, Rw. Buntu, Serpong,

South Tangerang City

Phone: 085890068999

3. Jawir Meatballs

No culinary experience in Tangsel is complete if you haven’t tried Bakso Jawir. This classic meatball has its own charm that makes many people tempted by its taste. At first glance, Jawir meatballs are the same as meatballs in general, but it’s a matter of taste that makes them special.

The beef meatballs are chewy and tasty, made from fresh beef so they have a soft texture. There are choices of egg meatballs and vein meatballs which are filled with chopped meat and veins in abundance. Satisfied with eating meatballs, here you can enjoy fresh sweet ice teler.

Jawir Meatballs

Jl. Kelapa Gading Utara, West Pakulonan

Kelapa Dua, Tangerang

Phone: (021) 54220642

4. Ahan’s Salted Egg Fish Ball

If you want to eat fish balls in Pontianak style, you can come to the Serpong area. Here there is Ahan’s salted egg fish ball which has a unique and delicious taste sensation. This fish ball can be an alternative choice if you are tired of eating beef meatballs.

The chewy texture of the fish balls here is even more delicious with the addition of the salted egg filling. This clean white meatball comes in medium size, the inside is filled with savory and mash salted egg yolk. The complement is a variety of vegetables such as pare filled with fish balls. You can eat these fish balls with additional rice noodles. Slurrp!

Ahan’s Salted Egg Fish Ball

Jl. Main Nature, Pakulonan

Serpong Utara

South Tangerang

Phone: 081398061399

5. Mang Bandi Meatballs

Moving slightly towards Sukasari, there is the legendary Bakso Mang Bandi shop. This meatball has reportedly been around since 1984 and until now it is still being hunted by meatball lovers. The meatballs here are quite unique because they are served with the addition of chicken feet.

The shop, which is somewhat isolated, doesn’t discourage meatball lovers from enjoying a bowl of beef meatballs here. The beef meatballs are served with yellow noodles and vermicelli noodles and then poured over a savory broth. To complement it, there are various choices, from fried dumplings, chicken reinforcements to chicken filled chunks. Maybe this is the only meatball shop that serves the meatball as a complement.

Mang Bandi Meatballs

Jl. Sukabakti V No. 28

Sukasari, Tangerang

Phone: (021) 551365