Indonesian Coffee in Global Perspective

coffee ilustration

Which type of Indonesian Coffee is your favorite?

Indonesia is one of the top five largest coffee-producing countries in the world. There are several types that are famous around the world. Those are:

Robusta Temanggung Coffee

This coffee has a tobacco aroma with a dominant bitter taste which is widely popular. TIt has been exported to several countries such as Latin America, Middle East countries, and Europe.

Arabika Gayo Aceh Coffee

This coffee has a light texture with the right sour taste. A coffee drinker who doesn’t really like sour taste would love this one!

Arabica Kintami Coffee

This coffee has a unique fruity taste, with a sour and fresh taste of fruit as its trademark. Kintamani Arabica coffee has a medium thickness, with a light and soft taste. Japan, Arab, and Europe have subscribed to import this coffee from Bali.

Toraja Arabica Coffee

This original Sulawesi coffee has an earthy taste, namely the sensation of a soil or forest taste with a low sour taste. Its characteristic is that it tastes bitter at first and then disappears without a bitter after taste at all.

Top 5 Countries as Indonesian Coffee export destinations

According to Kata Data, The United States is the main destination for Indonesian coffee exports with a value of US$ 202 million or 25% of total coffee exports in 2020. For the past five years, the United States has also become the destination country with the largest coffee export value in Indonesia.

Japan was ranked second as the destination country for Indonesian coffee exports with a value of US$ 56 million. Followed by Malaysia, with a coffee export value of US$ 55.4 million.

The next largest destination is Egypt. With a value of US$ 55.02 million. Germany followed next with a coffee export value of US$ 49.5 million.