Working While Riding a Ferris Wheel, A Unique New Normal in Japan

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The Covid-19 pandemic is forming new habits, including how to work remotely, which is mostly done from home. Well, a theme park in Japan has an idea to bring a new atmosphere to work remotely.

Yomiuri Land Playground in Tokyo Japan offers workcation or work vacation packages that allow people to work in an amusement park setting. They can work by the pool in the resort area, even open their laptops while enjoying Tokyo from a height in the Ferris wheel.

No need to worry about the internet network. Yomiuri Land claims that all areas of the playground are covered with high-speed WiFi that can be relied on to work.

Quoted from Cnet, Tuesday (20/10/2020) Yomiuri Land charges ¥ 1,900 for admission on weekdays. This ticket includes a work booth in the poolside area and an hourly ticket to ride the Ferris wheel.

Just like in other developed countries, Japanese workers have shifted from the habit of going to the office to working remotely since March. In June, the Japanese government asked company owners to target at least 70% of their employees to work from home

A Reuters poll in August showed 65% of Japanese businesses encourage staff to work remotely. A tech company, Fujitsu, announced a permanent work-from-home arrangement for its 80,000 employees.

Japan itself has coped with the pandemic relatively well. With 1.32 deaths per 100,000 people, this is far less than other developed countries such as the UK (65.68 deaths per 100,000), the United States (67.03 deaths per 100,000), and the hardest-hit South American countries such as Brazil (73.36 deaths per 100,000) and Peru (105.19 deaths per 100,000). Japan has recorded more than 92,000 cases of Covid-19 with 1,670 deaths.