Instagram Live Rooms are Available in Indonesia, Can Live Up to 4 People

instagram live

Instagram presents the Live Rooms feature in Indonesia. This feature brings improvements to Instagram Live because it can do Live with three other users at once.

This feature has previously been tested on a small scale with several users in Indonesia. Now all Instagram users in the country can try it.

Indonesia is also one of the first countries to get this new feature. Apart from Indonesia, this feature has also been tested and launched in India, and Instagram plans to roll out globally in the next few months.

Instagram said the Live Rooms feature was rolled out to help users, creators and business people who have taken advantage of the Live feature in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By livestreaming more people in Live Rooms, Instagram hopes this feature will deliver inspiring content in a variety of formats.

Country Director of Facebook in Indonesia, Pieter Lydian said users’ creativity will continue to encourage Instagram to bring more innovation and help its users to express themselves better.

“This year, we saw the extraordinary use of the Live feature from users in Indonesia. We are very inspired by the creativity of users in utilizing these features to stay connected with their friends, family, relatives and audiences in the midst of this pandemic,” Pieter said in a statement received by detikINET, Wednesday (2/12/2020).

How to use Instagram Live Rooms:

  1. To start Live, open the Instagram app and swipe the main page to the right.
  2. Select the option Live Streaming or Live, and press the circle button at the bottom center of the screen to start Live Streaming.
  3. To invite friends to join the Live Rooms broadcast, press the Camera / Rooms icon.
  4. The user will see a list of friends who have submitted requests to join Live Rooms or the user can type in the name of the friend they want to add.
  5. Users can add up to three friends to join the Live Rooms broadcast. They can add all three together or gradually.
  6. If the host is using an iOS device, they will still be able to use the Q&A feature in Live Rooms. However, for now users cannot display photos or videos like the current Live feature. To provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere when users use the Live Rooms feature, Instagram also presents a number of security features. During Live Rooms, users can hide negative comments.

If the host blocks a particular user, they won’t be able to apply to join Live Rooms, even if that user isn’t blocked by another user. Instagram users who previously were not allowed to use the Live feature because they violated Instagram’s Community Guidelines, also cannot join Live Rooms.