Supermoon is Coming Soon, BMKG Issues Warning About Its Impact


At the onset of August, a fascinating celestial occurrence known as the Supermoon graces the skies, casting its ethereal glow upon the world. This astronomical phenomenon, also referred to as the super full moon, captivates the imagination and curiosity of people worldwide.

However, amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of the Supermoon, it also carries specific implications, particularly for the coastal communities residing along Indonesia’s shores.

Eko Prasetyo, the esteemed Head of the Maritime Meteorology Center, shares profound insights into the Supermoon’s unique attributes. He explains that on the auspicious date of August 1, the Supermoon coincides with the phase of perigee, the point where the Moon is closest to Earth, which occurs on August 2. This fortuitous alignment results in a substantial increase in the tidal heights of the sea, potentially leading to notable consequences for coastal inhabitants.

In light of these developments, Eko Prasetyo issues a crucial advisory to coastal communities, urging them to exercise vigilance and preparedness in response to the impending maximum high tide.

His warning is clear and compelling, “People are advised to be vigilant and on alert to anticipate the impact of the maximum high tide.” (as reported by CNN Indonesia on Wednesday, August 2, 2023).

As the Supermoon works its gravitational magic, tidal floods loom as a concern in various coastal regions of Indonesia. Emanating from careful observations of water level data and meticulous tidal predictions, areas such as the enchanting coast of West Sumatra, the mesmerizing Riau Islands, the enchanting Banten, and the alluring northern coast of DKI Jakarta could potentially bear the brunt of tidal floods.

The ripple effect of this captivating phenomenon extends to other coastal territories as well. Coastal communities along the breathtaking coasts of West Java, the captivating East Java, the serene Bali, the lush Kalimantan, the exotic Maluku, and the enchanting South Papua may also experience the transformative touch of tidal floods.

However, the timing of these events may differ, with variations in the days and hours across these diverse regions. This variance in timing creates a mosaic of experiences for coastal inhabitants, impacting their daily activities, from bustling port operations to the tranquility of coastal settlements, the serenity of salt fields, and the thriving world of inland fishing.

Delving deeper into the essence of the Supermoon, it manifests its celestial grandeur by revealing a size that surpasses the average distance of the Moon from Earth. During the Supermoon, the Moon radiates an aura of magnificence, appearing larger and brighter than during ordinary lunar cycles.

Eko Prasetyo elaborates on this astronomical wonder, unveiling the scientific marvel behind the Supermoon’s larger-than-life presence. “The size of the Moon increases by an astounding 14% during the Supermoon, with its brilliance amplified by more than 30%,” he expounds with enthusiasm.

Adding a nuanced perspective to the discourse, Thomas Djamaludin, the esteemed researcher from the National Research and Innovation Agency’s (BRIN) Center for Space Research, offers insights into the Supermoon’s essence. While the Supermoon may evoke wonder and curiosity, Thomas clarifies that it is akin to a regular full moon, albeit with a larger size, making it appear like a “purnama terdekat,” or the closest full moon.