Be Healthier with Traditional Indonesian Drinks

Traditional drinks

Indonesia is known as one of the largest spice-producing countries in the world. It is not surprising that many products use spices as one of the main ingredients.

One of the processed spice products in Indonesia is a traditional drink that is diverse and of course nutritious for the health of the body. For most people, Jamu is a traditional Indonesian drink. However, it turns out that there are so many kinds. Not infrequently people make traditional drinks to maintain immunity from weather changes.

For those of you who don’t know about traditional drinks, you must listen to this article to the end.

Wedang Ronde

In the rainy season, this drink is the right choice to warm the body. Wedang ronde is served with a mixture of potato flour dough filled with sweet mashed peanuts and doused with Javanese sugar and ginger sauce.


Another Indonesian traditional drink is Sekoteng. Made with ginger which is sure to warm your body. Similar to wedang ronde, sekoteng is very suitable to be enjoyed during the rainy season.

The mixture in this drink varies, such as green beans, peanuts, and slices of white bread.

In addition to warming the body, sekoteng is useful for reducing dizziness, preventing morning sickness, reducing nausea and even vomiting after surgery, reducing pain during menstruation, and can also lower cholesterol levels in the body.

Mina Sarua, Traditional Drink from Bima

Made of sticky tapai’s mixture, sticky residue called galendo, and herb mixture. Usually, the types of spices used to make mina sarua are turmeric, Javanese chili, pepper, cinnamon, and brown sugar.

Mina sarua is useful for reducing soreness, treating colds, increasing appetite, increasing body fitness to treating ulcer disease.

Those are some recommendations for traditional Indonesian drinks that you can try. Not only get the authentic taste, but you can also get various health benefits by consuming it. Happy trying!