Investment in Super Priority Tourism Destinations Projected to Reach IDR 2.9 Trillion

Borobudur Temple, One of Super Priority Tourism Destinations

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is aggressively promoting Super Priority Tourism Destinations (DPSP) in investor forums so that they are willing to invest their capital. The projected investment in the DPSP will reach Rp 2.9 trillion.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno revealed that in investor forums that have been held several times, several investors have submitted their investment plans.

“Several domestic and foreign investors have submitted investment plans in the 5 DPSPs not only related to the tourism sector, but also other supporting sectors such as energy, information technology & telecommunications, and also real estate,” he said.

The Ministry of Investment/Investment Coordination Agency (BKPM) together with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy on September 19 held the 5 Super Priority Tourism Destinations Investment Forum (Lake Toba, Borobudur, Mandalika, Labuan Bajo, and Likupang) to offer investment opportunities to around 200 business players from within and outside the country as well as area manager.

Thanks to these activities, the tourism sector and those who support it managed to pocket the total value of existing projects reaching the US $ 11.67 million or equivalent to Rp. 172.2 billion (exchange rate of Rp. 14,845).

Meanwhile, the value of ongoing commitments is Rp. 1,552 trillion (US$106.24 million) and the value of investment interest is Rp. 1.186 trillion (US$81.19 million). When accumulated as a whole, the total investment is projected to reach Rp. 2.9 trillion.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy projects that the investment and financing needs of 8 Tourism SEZs, such as Morotai, Singhasari, Tanjung Lesung, Likupang, Lido, Nongsa, Tanjung Kelayang, and Mandalika, amount to IDR 226.79 trillion.

Meanwhile, the investment and financing needs of the 3 Tourism Authority Boards, namely Borobudur, Labuan Bajo, and Lake Toba, amounted to Rp 6.7 trillion.

Sandiaga continues to be optimistic because investment opportunities are supported by Indonesian tourism which is in position 32 out of 117 countries according to the World Economic Forum and has released the Travel & Tourism Development Index (TTDI) 2022.

“This is what makes investors see there is a significant opportunity and opens the possibility to invest,” continued Sandi.

In fact, the current recorded value is less than half of that in 2021. The realized value of the investment in DPSP in 2021 reached US$435.65 million.