Jokowi Welcomes PM Anwar Ibrahim, Discussing New National Capital Development

Jokowi Welcomes PM Anwar Ibrahim (AP/Achmad Ibrahim)

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim, visited Indonesia and was warmly welcomed by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). The second meeting on Monday (9/1) simultaneously discussed several matters, including investment and development of the New Capital.

Jokowi also revealed that in the meeting with Anwar Ibrahim, he conveyed several things. First, he welcomed the interest of Malaysian investors in the construction of the new nation’s capital of the archipelago.

“A total of 11 letters of intent have been signed by the Malaysian private sector and submitted to the IKN authorities engaged in electronics, health, waste management, construction, and property. In addition, there are also some MOUs in the field of shipping, export-import financing, green energy, development of the battery industry, and others that have also been signed,” he said.

Second, President Jokowi also welcomed the Malaysian PM’s commitment to protecting Indonesian migrant workers. Jokowi also admitted that he really hopes that the One Channel System for the recruitment and placement of Indonesian migrant workers can actually be run jointly between the two countries

Third, the two country leaders also discussed borders. Jokowi and Anwar agreed that the MOU for the land border of the Sebatik segment and the Sinapat Sesai segment could be signed this year and also the territorial sea agreements in the Sulawesi Sea and the southern Malacca Strait could also be agreed upon this year.

Fourth, the former mayor of Solo also highly appreciates Malaysia’s support for the Indonesia-Singapore Flight Information Region (FIR) agreement, because with this support it is believed that the next process at The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) will be able to continue.

Fifth, the two State Captains also agreed to strengthen cooperation through the Consul of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC) to increase the market for palm oil and combat discrimination against palm oil.

Sixth, they also agreed to continue strengthening ASEAN, which the ASEAN agreement is intended so that all member countries must be able to play a central role in making the Pacific mother region peaceful, prosperous, and stable.

One of them is regarding Myanmar, Jokowi emphasized that Indonesia and Malaysia have the same view on the importance of implementing the Five Point Consensus (5PC) for the welfare of Myanmar and security in the Southeast Asian region.

It is known, Malaysian Prime Minister (PM) Anwar Ibrahim Anwar made his first visit abroad since serving as the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia with Indonesia as the first destination.

The President congratulated Anwar Ibrahim on the inauguration of the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia. Jokowi also believes that under Anwar’s leadership, the cooperation between Indonesia and Malaysia will get stronger.

Moreover, he said that Malaysia is not only a neighboring country that is close to Indonesia, but also a nation of allied nations and has a very strong relationship.