LRT Jabodebek Attains National Vital Object Status, Elevating Security Measures

This Year, LRT Jabodebek Aims to Serve 69,000 Daily Passengers
This Year, LRT Jabodebek Aims to Serve 69,000 Daily Passengers

In a significant development, the Light Rail Transit LRT Jabodebek has received official recognition as a National Vital Object (Obvitnas) in the Railway Transportation sector. This new status brings about a refined approach to security, relying on internal security principles and adhering to the regulations governing the railway domain, as outlined in the guidelines for securing national vital objects.

The official designation, formalized through the recent decree issued by the Directorate General of Railways of the Ministry of Transportation, underscores the critical role that LRT Jabodebek plays in the transportation landscape.

As a pivotal mode of modern rail transportation, LRT Jabodebek has left an indelible mark, serving over 4.5 million passengers since its inception.

Mahendro Trang Bawono, the Public Relations Manager for LRT Jabodebek, expressed enthusiasm regarding the Obvitnas status, emphasizing the strategic importance and positive impact the LRT has had on its users. He highlighted its unique position as a modern rail transportation mode with undeniable significance.

“As a mode of modern rail transportation, LRT Jabodebek undoubtedly plays a strategic role and has a significant impact on its users,” Mahendro stated in a recent written release.

This designation as Obvitnas did not happen overnight; Mahendro explained that meticulous preparations have been underway since October of the previous year. The process involved thorough stages, including the examination of documents, extensive discussions, and on-site verification carried out by relevant stakeholders, such as the Directorate of Railway Safety and the Indonesian National Police.

The significance of LRT Jabodebek extends beyond its impact on commuters. It has broader implications for the nation’s economic, social, and cultural spheres, positioning itself as a crucial asset requiring safeguarding. The Obvitnas status ensures that the LRT Jabodebek’s role as a modern transportation system is secure and well-protected within the Indonesian context.

“As the first automatic rail transportation system in Indonesia, security measures are required for stations, office buildings, depots, tracks, and other operational facilities to ensure the smooth operation of LRT Jabodebek. The designation as a national vital object is important to protect the nation’s assets,” he affirmed.

Looking ahead, Mahendro invites the community to actively participate in preserving the integrity of the LRT. Acknowledging the indispensable role of the public in ensuring the sustainability of this modern transportation mode, he encourages responsible behavior, discouraging acts of vandalism, and urging proactive reporting of potential security concerns around the operational areas of LRT Jabodebek.

This latest development marks a crucial step in securing the future of LRT Jabodebek, ensuring it continues to contribute positively to Indonesia’s transportation landscape and beyond.