More than 18,000 Security Personnel are Ready to Secure G20 Summit

More than 18,000 Security Personnel are Ready to Secure G20 Summit

The G20 Indonesia will soon reach its peak in November. To maintain conduciveness, more than 18,000 army, police, and other security personnel will be tasked with securing the event. Dozen of ships, fighter planes, and helicopters will also be on standby to support security.

The Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) General Andika Perkasa ensured that the security of the G20 Summit on the Island of the Gods was maintained so that collaboration between institutions such as the TNI and Polri was very much needed.

Andika said the number of security personnel who would be on guard reached 18,030 people. The number consists of around 14,300 TNI personnel, 3,200 Polri personnel, and 492 personnel from other institutions.

Then, there were various task forces (tasks) that carried out security at the peak event of the G20 Indonesia Presidency. For example, there is a special task force for VVIP security, which is tasked with guarding heads of state or officials at the level of heads of state.

“We have prepared up to 42 [tasks], to ensure that all [heads of state] are present. We have prepared a security package for 42 heads of state or at the level of heads of state,” Andika said in a dialogue on Security Support for the G20 Summit, Thursday ( 20/10/2022).

There is also a Marine Task Force tasked with maintaining the security of the waters around Bali. The TNI will prepare 12 warships of the Republic of Indonesia (KRI) in the Bali circle, which will provide security or assistance to military vessels from participating countries.

Then, at the Air Task Force, Andika prepared four fighter aircraft, namely two F16 units and two Sukhoi (27 and 30). There are also six TNI AU helicopters, five TNI AL helicopters, and two TNI AD helicopters, bringing a total of 13 helicopters.

“Other planes, we have prepared two Hercules planes, they are specifically for medical evacuation because they are arranged in such a way that they have facilities to evacuate patients whose conditions are for example emergency. One more special Hercules transport if needed,” said Andika.

The TNI also prepared one Boeing VIP aircraft, if needed as an addition. Then, there are two Boeing aircraft that function as Intelligent Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft.

“The air bases that we have prepared have a total of 19 air bases. Simply put, we look at a map of Indonesia, the air bases in Sumatra except for Aceh, Java, Bali, Lombok, and Kalimantan are in Banjarmasin and Balikpapan. There are 19 air bases in total and one port,” said Andika.