Mothers of Positive Covid-19 Still Need to Give Breastfeeding

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The easily transmitted Covid-19 virus has caused concern in many parts of the world. However, breastfeeding by mothers who are infected with the virus is considered necessary.

Spokesperson for National Task Force for Handling Covid19, dr. Reisa Broto Asmoro said that giving breast milk or breastfeeding to babies is very important for the growth and development of the baby.

Therefore, mothers who have to breastfeed can continue breastfeeding while continuing to take preventive measures to avoid the potential spread of the virus from the mother to the baby and people around them.

“Like other respiratory viruses, the new corona virus is not transmitted through breastfeeding”, dr. Reisa

“Like other respiratory viruses, the new corona virus is not transmitted through breastfeeding. Mothers can continue breastfeeding while continuing to take preventative measures,” dr. Reisa said through a question and answer on the official website Satgas Covid19, quoted on Monday (19/10).

The Task Force continued that all mothers who live in affected or at risk areas, especially those who show symptoms of fever, cough and shortness of breath have to seek treatment as soon as possible and follow the instructions of health personnel.

Meanwhile, every mother or anyone with Covid-19 symptoms such as fever, fatigue and dry cough but still needs to interact with children, needs to pay attention to health protocol disciplines.

Implementation of health protocols is essential. Mothers need to be obedient and disciplined to use masks correctly when they are close to children, including when breastfeeding.

“Wash hands with soap under flowing water, before and after contact with children [including breastfeeding],” she said.

Next, family members need to clean surfaces that come in contact with the mother’s hands with a rag, tissue, or disinfectant.

“If the mother is too weak, you should pump the milk and give it to the baby with a clean spoon or milk bottle, while still following the precautions above,” she said.