North Sulawesi Has Another Luxurious International Standard High School.


The province of North Sulawesi once again has a national standard luxury high school. The school with the official name SMA Negeri 1 Guru Lombok Kalawat was inaugurated directly by the Governor of North Sulawesi, Olly Dondokambey, and accompanied by Deputy Governor (Vice Governor) Steven Kandouw. This school is located in Kolongan Village, Kalawat District

This luxurious school building is estimated to have a price tag of Rp. 50 billion with complete and luxurious facilities.

Governor Olly Dondokambey said the construction of the school was a realization of the work program of his vision and mission with Steven Kandouw in an effort to increase human resources. He hopes that next year there will be more schools that have the good quality infrastructure.

Governor Olly Dondokambey accompanied by Deputy Governor Steven Kandouw, and other officials inaugurated SMA Negeri 1 Guru Lombok Kalawat

He said, “The construction of this building cost almost Rp49 billion. We hope that we can build more quality schools. So that the community directly feels the increase of the capacity of human resources in the field of education, “

Schools that have complete facilities like this are expected to be utilized as well as possible by the people of Kalawat to improve quality human resources. With optimal utilization of educational facilities, reliable young workers will be created in the future

The head of SMA 1 Guru Lombok Kalawat, Stevan Punuh, said that the newly inaugurated building was the result of the transfer of a school that was previously located in the toll road land acquisition area. Before moving to a new building, the teaching and learning process was carried out by riding at SMP 1 Kalawat.

The name Guru Lombok was taken from Governor Olly’s grandfather, who was known to be full of dedication as a teaching staff. “Our total development budget is IDR 48.8 billion. Part of the budget uses toll land acquisition funds worth Rp. 4.9 billion. The rest is financed through PEN funds,” he explained.

The target is to have a thousand students

The school will intensify school promotions in 2022. There are currently 279 students in total. Gradually, it is targeted to increase to more than a thousand. “Because there are a total of 48 classes. If each class has 30 students, it could be up to a thousand,” he targeted.

HR development will be carried out periodically. This method will be achieved by comparative studies and the provision of study scholarships. The principal hopes to produce great people from this international school.