Pisang Goreng Is Selected to Be the Best Deep-Fried Dessert in the World

pisang goreng, or fried bananas. This typical Indonesian snack is chosen to be the best Deep-Fried Dessert in the World according to TasteAtlas (photo: iradiofm)

Indonesia is famous for having abundant culinary wealth, one of which is pisang goreng, or fried bananas. This typical Indonesian snack is chosen to be the best Deep-Fried Dessert in the World according to TasteAtlas, from a total of 50 fried snacks originating from various countries.

It is known, bananas are one of Indonesia’s leading agricultural commodities that have abundant export potential. Processed bananas, namely pisang goreng, in fact, are increasingly in demand by the international world.

Based on the release of the world snack list by TasteAtlas, fried bananas managed to occupy the first position of 50 snacks from all over the world.

The list has also been shared by TasteAtlas through his Instagram account on Tuesday (2/14).

“Not among the healthiest choices, but very popular in almost every dish and culture,” Tasteatlas wrote.

Fried bananas occupy the first position, even beating other popular fried snacks such as Churros from Spain which only ranked ninth, donuts from the United States which were ranked eighteen, to fried ice cream from the United States which was ranked twenty -seven.

The potential of bananas in Indonesia is indeed extraordinary. This fruit is one of the tropical fruit horticultural commodities that has a high enough economic potential and value that gets priority to be developed intensively.

In addition, the benefits of bananas vary in food functions, health functions, socio-cultural functions, and economic functions.

The area of harvest and banana production in Indonesia tends to increase every year due to increased use. This is because it is easy to develop. After all, it can grow in various places, in the tropics from lowlands to highlands.

With this potential, based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) banana production in the country tends to increase every year. In 2021 banana production in Indonesia reached 8.74 million tons. This figure is up 6.8% compared to the previous year.

For information, Tasteatlas is an online “encyclopedia” that maps various types of local foods and drinks throughout the world. According to the official page, Tasteatlas has made a catalog of more than 10,000 food and drinks and there are still tens of thousands that have not been studied and mapped.

TasteAtlas was founded by Croatian Journalists and Entrepreneurs Died Pigs. In an interview with Timeout, according to Pigs, Tasteatlas relied on reviews from gastronomer experts instead of reviewing anonymous comments by the user. They ranked 4.6 for fried bananas