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Indonesia’s Sports Tourism Growth on the Rise, Predicted Economic Value to...

Sporting competitions have evolved into a vital component of the tourism industry, now commonly referred to as sports tourism, garnering significant interest from both...

The Probability of Indonesia Entering a Recession is Only 1.5%

President Joko Widodo, known as Jokowi, has highlighted the economic situations of various countries worldwide, noting that nations like Japan and the United Kingdom...

World Bank Projects Only 2.2% Average Growth Rate from 2022 to...

The World Bank has estimated that the average global economic growth rate from 2022-2030 will only increase by 2.2 percent per year. This projection...

Indonesian Economic Growth Projection Increased to 5.4%

The Indonesian economy continues to record positive results. This time, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) raised its projection for Indonesia's economic growth this year...



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