Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Coal Exports to Europe This Year Will Be the Biggest in...

Coal demand from Europe continues to increase with the coming of winter and supply shortages from other countries. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral...

Europe Really Needs Indonesian Coal!

Indonesian coal seems to be selling well. This is because the demand for coal in Europe is increasing during the winter. This condition causes...

Indonesia Will Sell Coal to Europe? Compete First With Africa &...

The geopolitical crisis that occurred in Europe caused a prolonged energy crisis. Therefore, Indonesian coal is ogled by countries there. Germany is even known...

EU to tighten border control to prevent more COVID-19 infections

EU to tighten border control to prevent more COVID-19 infections

Foreigners from Europe-Australia Arriving in Indonesia are Required to be Isolated...

The government requires European and Australian foreign nationals as well as Indonesian citizens from the UK who arrive in Indonesia to carry out self-isolation...

Corona Traffic Lights for Tourists in Europe

Europe is implementing a Corona prevention system by installing special traffic lights. Each color of the light indicates pandemic conditions in an area. The colors...



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