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Bank Indonesia Reveals Increase in Residential Property Prices in Q4-2023

Residential property prices in the primary market are showing an upward trend, marking a significant shift in the real estate landscape. According to the...

BI’s Latest Survey Unveils Trends in Residential Property Prices and Sales...

Bank Indonesia (BI) has recently disclosed the outcomes of its Residential Property Price Survey (SHPR), shedding light on the dynamics of residential property prices...

Residential Property Market Thrives: Surging Demand for Medium and High-End Homes

The residential property market in Indonesia, specifically the segment of landed houses, is currently experiencing a remarkable upswing, with a notable surge in market...

The Residential Property Market Is Unstable after the Covid-19 Pandemic

The residential property market is still not stable post-pandemic, as evidenced by the national demand index falling 40.4% quarterly in Q4 2022. The decline in...



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