International Communities Laud Indonesia’s Effective Response to Covid-19


President Joko Widodo, popularly known as Jokowi, has stated that Indonesia’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has received accolades from various international communities, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and renowned universities such as John Hopkins University in the United States.

According to Jokowi, he does not need to elaborate further because it has been proven that Indonesia’s handling of COVID-19 has been relatively good compared to the global average. Moreover, Indonesia also get praised by international communities.

In an event called the PPKM Award 2023 held at the Dhanapala Kemenkeu building in Jakarta on Monday (20/3/2023), Jokowi reiterated that Indonesia is among the countries that have successfully managed the pandemic.

He said, “We have become a country that has successfully handled COVID-19. In June 2022, WHO Director-General Thedros said that Indonesia’s handling of COVID-19 is among the best, as is the best vaccine coverage. This is not me saying it, but the WHO Director-General.”

Jokowi had previously announced in September 2021 that Johns Hopkins University had also declared Indonesia to be “one of the best in the world” in terms of reducing COVID-19 cases. Jokowi emphasized that those making the statements were not Indonesian officials, but rather external entities.

Jokowi also admitted that at the start of the pandemic, no one knew the appropriate policy to tackle it. He recalled the debates that took place at that time, especially when deciding whether to impose lockdowns or not.

“We didn’t have any experience with pandemics like this. So, if there were debates, I think it was reasonable,” he said.

Jokowi further mentioned that during the pandemic, he listened to all criticisms and suggestions from all parties, stating that “I listened to all criticism and suggestions, from anyone.”