The Company Will Get Sanctions If Not Registering Rp. 600 Thousand For The Staff

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Employment Social Security Management Agency (BP Jamsostek) again reminded private companies to register their employees as potential recipients of wage subsidies worth Rp. 600 thousand per month from the government.

Because there are sanctions for companies that do not register their employees who are eligible for BLT. These sanctions are listed in Government Regulation Number 86 of 2013 concerning Procedures for Imposing Administrative Sanctions to Non-State Officials Employers and Everyone, Apart from Employers, Workers, and Contribution Assistance Recipients in the Administration of Social Security.

“Administrative sanctions ranging from reprimands, fines as well as termination of certain public services and other sanctions in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations,” said BP Jamsostek President Director Agus Susanto in a press conference at the Ministry of Manpower, Monday (24/8) .

However, these sanctions do not apply to companies that do not submit their employee data validly.

“We are doing layered validation, there are those that are not yet valid. We also return them to the employer to be corrected immediately and are currently in the process and I ask the company’s HRD to immediately follow up,” he said.

Until now, continued Agus, the Social Security Management Agency has collected 13.7 million of the 15.7 million data on potential BLT recipients from the government. However, his Party is still carrying out the verification process so that the submission of data on the account numbers of potential beneficiaries is carried out gradually.

“Of the 13.7 million we did layered validation. 127 of our banks did the validation. Of the 13.7 million that have been validated, 10 million. We submit today 2.5 million in stages to facilitate monitoring, evaluation and the principle of prudence,” he said .

On the same occasion, Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah conveyed that wage subsidies for workers with a salary below Rp 5 million will be carried out in stages until the end of September. The assistance was distributed for four months, or the equivalent of IDR 2.4 million per recipient.

For the first stage assistance will be distributed to 2.5 million whose data he has received from BP Jamsostek. The disbursement of the first phase will be disbursed amounting to IDR 1.2 million.

However, the data from the Jamsostek Management Agency must be validated first by his party. After that, the account is handed over to the KPPN to be disbursed to the channeling bank and transferred to the respective recipient.

“We need time, 2.5 million is not a small number. We are targeting to make the transfer starting from the end of this August,” said Ida.