The Government Will Directly Manage Besakih Temple Area

The Government Will Directly Manage Besakih Temple Area

The largest temple in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, located in Bali, Pura Besakih, has received special attention from the government. This special project for structuring the temple area absorbs the state budget worth Rp. 378.42 billion.

The government appointed PPP to work on this project. PM PTPP Besakih Revitalization Project Galang Bastiono explained that the Besakih Temple Area Restructuring project absorbs the APBN of Rp. 378.42 billion so it is of special concern to the Ministry of PUPR.

“In addition to the G20 to support tourism, we will also organize this area because initially there were many stalls that were not organized. Before Covid-19, there were extraordinary traffic jams. To restore and maintain the sanctity of the Besakih temple, and support MSMEs to improve people’s welfare, ” he explained, Thursday (20/10/2022).

Galang said that the project was originally planned to be completed by the end of this year or 515 calendar days from August 4, 2021. However, due to land handover problems, the completion is estimated to be delayed until March 2023.

“Until the end of last week, the total progress of the work has reached 66.15 percent, more than our target of 59.59 percent,” explained Galang.

Meanwhile, the first project undertaken by PTPP includes a parking building with an area of ​​60,028 square meters, namely the Manik Mas Building which will consist of 20 large kiosks (4×6 m), 36 small kiosks (2.5×3 m), 114 toilet cubicles, 66 bus parking lots, 1,332 Car Parking, 45 Bike Parking, 1 Pesandekan Bale for resting place, and 2 Lift Access.

“For the parking building itself, about 88 percent have been completed, only a few parts of the building and road construction are left,” he said.

Second, is the construction of the Bencingah area with a building area of ​​8,032 square meters which is equipped with 194 Large Kiosks (4×6 m), 140 Small Kiosks (2.5×3 m), 54 Toilet Booths, 129 m2 Playground, 1 Bale Pesandekan, 2 Bale Gong for traditional events or performances, 1 Power House, and 1 TPS Building.

For information, Besakih Temple is a temple complex located in Besakih Village, Rendang District, Karangasem Regency, Bali, Indonesia.

The Besakih Temple Complex consists of 1 Central Temple (Penataran Agung Besakih Temple) and 18 Companion Temples (1 Basukian Temple and 17 Other Temples).

Besakih Temple is the center of activity for all temples in Bali. Among all the temples included in the Besakih Temple complex, Penataran Agung Temple is the largest temple, has the most pelinggih buildings, and the most types of ceremonies, and is the center and all temples in the Besakih Temple complex.