The Minister of Tourism Choose Bali as a Strategic Project for Indonesia Tourism


Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Wishnutama Kusubandio revealed that Bali deserves to be a tourism pilot project in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic by implementing cleanliness, health, and safety (CHS) programs.

Wishnutama said that so far, Bali has often been a destination for foreign and local tourists. As many as 40 percent of the total foreign tourists visited Bali directly from their country throughout 2019.

“Not yet via Soekarno-Hatta Airport or other trips. This means that Bali is very strategic,” Wishnutama said in a video conference, Friday (28/8).

For this reason, it is important for tourism managers in Bali to implement health protocols. This is because this could be a pilot project or a model for other tourist destinations in Indonesia.

“It can also be good news for handling corona in Indonesia abroad,” said Wishnutama.

The election of Bali cannot be separated from its strategic position in the eyes of the world. If the government succeeds in implementing the health protocol in Bali, international perceptions will be positive for Indonesia. This is not just about tourism, but the impact can extend to investment.

“Investment and so on also (get a positive perception) considering this tourism icon Bali implements tourism protocols and so on. So Bali is very strategic,” said Wishnutama.

Conversely, if the protocol implemented in Bali is bad, the impact will also be negative for Indonesia. “In Bali this can have a wide impact. What we do in Bali, negative or positive, give negative diseases a big impact abroad,” said Wishnutama.