Keep an Eye on the Weight of Your Load While on the Toll Road, So as Not to Be Fined for this Technology.


Driving with an overload of course is dangerous for the driver himself and other drivers around him. There are still many vehicles, especially trucks, whose loads exceed their capacity.

Prevention needs to be done so that things don’t happen that are not desirable.

One of these precautions is the use of the latest technology, namely WIM (Weight in Motion), that allows officers to check the weight of the vehicle’s load. The technology has recently been officially released.

How WIM works

The government finally inaugurated the technology called WIM or Weight in Motion and has been installed on toll road sections. Later, vehicles with overloads will be detected automatically by the system even though the vehicle is running, starting from Saturday (1/1/2022). Vehicles whose cargo is monitored by WIM exceed capacity will be subject to sanctions or fines.

Indeed, the use of WIM technology is in line with the Circular Letter (Surat Edaran/SE) of the Minister of Transportation (Menhub) Number 116 of 2021 concerning Supervision and Enforcement of Goods Transport Vehicles for Over Dimension Violations and Over Loading Violations or ODOL on the Road. Toll.

Previously, the Director-General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation Budi Setiyadi explained that the application of vehicle loading regulations was difficult to monitor because the technology had not yet been implemented.

“Because it had not been implemented before, supervising vehicle loads was a bit difficult. Now it can be done easily, even though the vehicle is running,” he added.