There are 133.82 Million Job Opportunities in Indonesia This Year


The Indonesian Ministry of Labor reports that there are job opportunities open to 133.82 million people. This number increased by 1.87% from the previous year which was only 131.36 million people. Obviously, This news can make job seekers relieved.

Of this number, the most job opportunities are for service and sales business personnel, which are 33.67 million people. Job opportunities for skilled workers in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries are 29.17 million people.

Then, there are 25.16 million opportunities for unskilled workers. Then, there are 15.11 million opportunities for processing, craft, and related workers.

Job opportunities for the machine operator and assembler positions are 8.8 million people. Then, job opportunities for professional positions and administrative staff are 7.84 million people and 6.22 million people, respectively.

For professional technicians and assistants, there will be 4.06 million opportunities.

There are also 3.19 million opportunities for management positions. Meanwhile, there are 591,239 job opportunities for TNI and Polri positions this year.

In 2023, it is estimated that there will be 136.21 million job opportunities. The figure then increased again to 138.72 million people.

Cumulatively, the increase in job opportunities in Indonesia until 2024 will reach 2.45 million per year. Its growth reaches 1.87% every year.

The government will abolish the honorary system

Furthermore, regarding the honorary work system in Indonesia, the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenpan RB) will abolish the honorary labor system starting November 2023.

Tjahjo Kumolo as the Minister of PANRB said that he would remove honorary workers and replace them with outsourced or outsourced workers if an agency needed additional manpower previously filled by honorary workers.

“If government agencies require other personnel such as drivers, cleaning staff, and security units, this can be done through outsourcing,” said Tjahjo in a circular letter Tuesday (31/5/2022).

For positions that will later be filled by third parties or outsourced personnel, they will be submitted directly by staffing officers at Ministries and Institutions. However, the position filled by the outsourced staff is not on an honorary basis.

“The outsourcing by a third party with the outsourcing status is not an honorary employee at the agency concerned,” said Tjahjo.